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People galleries and themed shoots

Juliana Fey

Juliana and I have shot a few themed shoot together, here's one with her rocking out on one of my guitars.

The following shoots contain nudity of an artisitc nature. Please go to the Glamour and Nudes (18+) section to see them.

  • Music House, pt. 1 (acoustic guitar)
  • Musci Hourse, pt. 3 (piano)


Katrina found me online and we started chatting. She has done some modeling and we went to Willamette Mission State Park for the day and shot all around it wearing different outfits as well.

The following shoots do not contain overt nudity but contain implied nudity or other techniques of a "PG-13" nature. Please go to the Glamour and Nudes (18+) section to see them.

  • The Willamette River in bikini
  • Field of berries and flannel shirt




Tiffany is a friend of mine who let me use her as a test subject after I bought a whole slew of photo gear and needed to get confortable with it. Thanks Tiffany!


Photos of Cynthia from a variety of locations since she goes on most of my shoots with me.

Tiffany & Cynthia

Tiffany and Cynthia teamed up for some images. There are some images of them at Deepwood in mid-Spring, as well as dressing up as zombie killers!