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07 July 2013

Recently I've been helping some young models get starter portfolios going, or helping them with fresh images for existing portfolios. I never saw myself as a 'model' photographer truthfully – but I'm really enjoying it and the models seem to love my approach and personality and we always have a good time.

I think it's because I try to do unique shoots. I hate studios for most situations. I love to go on location and create a scene or story. It takes me back to journalism storytelling where I really want people's personality to come out and I find it so hard to do that in a location like a studio that seems to put people 'on the spot'.

I recently took images of a woman in Corvallis who performs on aerial silks. You can find her gallery here. I love doing shoots like this; of people doing what they love.

Oregon is Beutiful, from one end to the other. I do takes lots of pictures of the landscapes that continually inspire and amaze me.

Finally, I love the human body. It is so wondrous and beautiful in all its shapes, sizes and colors.

I've been doing some glamour and outdoor nude/semi-nude photography, as well as boudoir work (artistic lingerie, often B&W). Combining the beauty of the outdoors here in Oregon with the bare or semi-bare human body can create some really amazing and emotional images.

Please take some time to look through the galleries. You can browse by catagory at the top, or click one of the following links.

Starting a journey with me

07 July 2013

I spent a lot of time these days doing photography – but it's not my full time job. Which is good for me, since it allows me to take on projects that interest me and not get burnt out.

If you have an interesting skill, hobby, activity you want some images of, I'd love to talk to you about how to tell that story in images.

If you are model looking to freshen up your portfolio, I'd also like to talk to you about a short simple themed shoot to do.

If you are an everyday average person who just wants some interesting and fun, non-studio, pictures of yourself, again, I'd also like to talk to you.

My rates vary from 'free' to a flat rate, to hourly. It all really depends on the job, so I encourage you to contact me to discuss the shoot.

Finally, I'm always looking for models for outdoor glamour, semi-nude, and nude artistic images. Oregon has very easy-going laws on nudity outdoors and I'm very well versed in what is allowed.

My contact information is at the bottom and top of all pages on this site, and there is also a Contact form you can use as well.

  • People Profiles

    Here you will find pictures of people at unique locations as well as themed shoots. Mostly models in these galleries - but anybody who wants to "look good for the camera" will often go here.
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  • Outdoos & Storytelling

    Pictures of people and places that are more 'documantary' than fiction. Whether it be images of a beautiful location, an event or ocassion, or a profile of somebody's passion - these images are the kind you might find in the features section of a newspaper.
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  • Glamour and Nudes

    The human body is beautiful and should be celebrated in art. I especially love combining it with outdoor photogprahy. Many images I have taken are private and will not be posted. The images here are the ones I have permission to share.
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